Keeping Up with PASS

image I have often found it a little hard to keep up with PASS news, but after a little research, I found out that PASS offers many different sources of information about its activities, but it sometimes can be hard to find, as its news and information is dispersed over many different locations. If you want to keep up with what PASS is doing, then check out these links.

PASS Events: Find out about many different SQL Server-related events, including both PASS and non-PASS-related events.

SQL Saturday: Now that PASS is running SQL Saturday, all SQL Saturday events are listed here (which somewhat duplicates the events listed in the above link).

PASS Blog: Some of the more interesting news from the PASS board of directors is available here, although not a lot of blogging is happening. You can also provide feedback to the board of directors using the blog’s comment feature.

PASS Virtual Chapters: If you aren’t able to attend a local user’s group, or if you want to participate in more than just in your local users group, PASS Virtual Chapters sponsor many online events, which are often not well advertised.

PASS News Releases: These are the official news releases that PASS provides to the press.

PASS Newsletter Archive: Current and past issues of the PASS’s Community Connector newsletter are available here.

PASS LinkedIN: For LinkedIn members.

PASS FaceBook: For FaceBook members.

PASS Twitter:  For Twitter members.

In regard to the last three social networking sites, the PASS news varies from one to another, which means that you would have to be members of all three in order to see all the available PASS news from these three sources.