Free SQL Server Dashboard

Greg Larsen, a SQL Server DBA, and the owner of the website, has released a free plug-in for SSMS called the SQL Server DBA Dashboard. The useful tool produces a multitude of reports to help both DBAs and Developers in their quest to see inside of SQL Server, and how it is performing.

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Free eBook: “Protecting SQL Server Data”

SQL Server security expert, John Magnabosco, has just authored the new book, Protecting SQL Server Data, the first book of its kind to be devoted to the protection of SQL Server data using encryption.

Covering both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008, the book handholds the reader, step-by-step, throughout this entire topic, from beginning topics, all the way to the most advanced.


Below is a list of the chapters from the book:

Chapter 1: Understanding Sensitive Data
Chapter 2: Data Classification and Roles
Chapter 3: Schema Architecture Strategies
Chapter 4: Encryption Basics for SQL Server
Chapter 5: Cell-level Encryption
Chapter 6: Transparent Data Encryption
Chapter 7: One-way Encryption
Chapter 8: Obfuscation
Chapter 9: Honeycombing a Database
Chapter 10: Layering Solutions

If you have been shying away from learning about SQL Server encryption because of a lack of any good sources to learn about it, now you don’t have any excuse, especially since the book is available as a free eBook from Simple Talk Publishing and Red Gate Software.

How to Become an Exceptional DBA, 2nd Edition, Now Available Free

About a year ago, the first edition of my book, How to Become an Exceptional DBA, was published. It was short, about 85 pages, and was written for people who were interested in becoming DBAs, and for current DBAs who wanted to become better DBAs. The focus of the book was on career guidance.

Through out this past year I have gotten a lot of feedback. Here are some short excerpts:

“Your Exceptional DBA book is excellent in terms of guidance and inspiration. Thanks a lot for coming up with such a useful information.”

“At the moment, I am reading your book How to Become an Exceptional DBA. I just can’t thank you enough for this book. This is something I was looking for and I am glad I have found it now.”

“I just finished reading his book a few days ago and am planning on reading it back through, page by page, over again. This book is SO AMAZING  and I just don’t want to miss or overlook any details in it. I have been waiting, what seems a lifetime, for someone who is willing to share this much information. Today, many people are not so willing to share their experiences like Brad; so refreshing!”

“Thanks for your well written document about being an Exceptional DBA. I myself have about 15 years of experience, 10 of which as consultant, and I recognize just about all the points you mention. Your eBook was a pleasure to read.”

“I’m just 25 years old and starting to enjoy the possibilities of this field. Everyday I’m becoming more interested in the science of information administration. Your book is inspiring, priceless, and has helped me redefine my professional inner vision.”

Because of the positive reception of the first edition of the book, I have written an updated, second edition. I have updated it to include feedback I have received from the first edition, and I added a lot of new content, including two new chapters. The new edition is now 172 pages long (part of that is because the book was reformatted using slightly larger type), but there is a lot of new content that has been added to all the chapters.

If you would like a free PDF copy of this book, you can visit this link and download it. You will need to click on the red button named “Download Your Free DBA Resources Now”.

Within the next 60 days, the book will be available for purchase, as a paperback, at I hope you find this book worth reading, and please e-mail if you have any feedback.