Summary of What PASS Members Want from the 2009 PASS Community Summit

PASS recently conducted a survey of its members, asking them what topics they would like to see covered at the 2009 PASS Community Summit. A total of 304 people responded to the survey, and the entire survey can be seen at the PASS Speaker’s Resource Page (you have to log on to the website to see the results). Given that the report exceeds 20 pages, I thought I would summarize the key results.

They include:

  • Database Administrator topics were the most sought after, with Database Developer topics coming in second.
  • Most of the attendees were seeking Advanced level topics, those that assumes a solid knowledge of technology, strong coding skills, and for DBAs with 4-6 years of DBA experience.
  • Sessions on SQL Server 2008 were the most desired, with SQL Server 2005 a distant second.
  • Best Practices- and Tips & Tricks-type sessions were highly rated.
  • The three most popular “database administration” topics that cover new features in SQL Server 2008″ included: Performance Data Collection, SQL Audit, and Policy-Based Management.
  • The three most popular “general database administration” topics included: Performance Monitoring and Tuning, DMVs, and Scalability.
  • The three most popular “high availability” topics included: Minimizing System Downtime, Supporting Mission Critical Applications, and Database Mirroring.
  • The three most popular “Database Architecture/Deployment” topics include: Virtualization, Database Storage Solutions, and Clustering.
  • The three most popular “Database and Application Development Features in SQL Server 2008” included: T-SQL Improvements, Table-Valued Parameters, and Filtered Indexes.
  • The three most popular “General Database Design & Development” topic included: Optimizing Queries and Execution Plans, Database Modeling/Database Design, and Application Development Best Practices.
  • The three most popular “Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Features in SQL Server 2008” included: Reporting Services Enhancements, Report Design Enhancements in Business Intelligence Development Studio, and Integration Services.
  • The three most popular “General Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence” topics included: BI/DW Best Practices using the Microsoft BI Framework, Data Modeling and Schema Design for BI, and Planning, Developing, and Administrating Your BI Environment.
  • The three most popular “Analysis Services” topics included: Advanced Techniques (Tips & Tricks) Using Analysis Services 2005/2008, Building and Deploying Solutions Using Analysis Services in SQL Server 2005/2008, and MDX.
  • The three most popular “SSIS” topics included: Advanced Techniques for SSIS Package Development, Maximizing Your SSIS Performance, and Building and Deploying Solutions Using Integration Services in SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • The three most popular “Reporting Services” topics included: Report Deployment and Administration, Report Access and Delivery Features, and Designing and Creating Reports.
  • The three most popular “Professional Development” topics included: Leadership and Team Management Skills, Strategic IT Planning, and Project Management.
  • The three most popular “Communication” topics included”: Technical Presentations, Project Documentation, and Technical Writing.
  • The three most popular “Career Development” topics included: “Developing and Improving Your Career, Marking Yourself More Marketable, and Certification.

Like all summaries of reports, a lot of detail has been left out. If you are serious about submitting a speaker’s abstract, I highly recommend you review the entire report, as you will want to take this information into account when creating your abstracts.

If you are interested in becoming a speaker at the 2009 PASS Community Summit, be sure you get your abstracts in no later than April 10, 2009. After then, the call for speakers will be closed.