Free E-Book on XSD SQL Server Schema Collections

image Whether you like it or not, as a SQL Server DBA or Developer, you will eventually have to learn about XML and XSD (XML Schema Definition Language). XML has become, and continues to grow, as a popular format for exchanging data. If you are not up to speed on this technology, check out the this free e-book by Jacob Sebastian called The Art of XSD: SQL Server Schema Collections.

The author, Jacob Sebastian is a SQL Server Consultant based in Ahmedabad,
India. He’s a Microsoft SQL Server MVP, a Moderator at the MSDN and Technet Forums, and volunteers with the Professional Association for SQL Server as Regional Chapter Coordinator for Asia. If you will be attending the 2009 PASS Community Summit, you will have an opportunity to hear him speak.

This 493 page book starts from the very beginning, no previous XSD knowledge required, and teaches you everything you need to know about the topic. The chapters include:

  1. Introduction to XML Schema
  2. Start Writing the First Schema
  3. LAB: Order Processing Application for the North Pole Corporation
  4. Understanding Schema Components
  5. Understanding Element Declarations
  6. Understanding Attribute Declarations
  7. XSD Primitive Data Types
  8. Simple Types
  9. XSD Build-in Derived Data Types
  10. Complex Types
  11. Complex Type Derivation
  12. XSD Regular Expression Language
  13. Advanced Schema Concepts
  14. SQL Server Schema Collection and Metadata

You may download the free e-book here.

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