Blogging From the 2009 PASS Community Summit

Seattle-Street Like a lot of other SQL Server bloggers, this week I will attempt to write regular blog entries each day, and hopefully include some photographs of the activities I attend. I am not an “official” PASS blogger, but I will try and offer my perspective of the event, with my own particular slant.

And next week, at SQL Server Connections in Las Vegas, I’ll try to do the same.

To prepare for this, I recently purchased a new netbook computer and digital camera, and hopefully I won’t be too loaded down with technology and wear myself out carrying it around. It will be an interesting experiment that I hope to learn from, and I hope you will find some of it interesting as well.

I flew from Hawaii Friday night, and arrived in Seattle Saturday at noon. The photo is the view of my hotel room at the Sheraton Hotel.

If you are attending PASS, be sure to track me down and say hello.