Monday at the 2009 PASS Community Summit

Monday at the 2009 PASS Community Summit, for the most part, was reserved for pre-conference sessions, Microsoft Customer Insider sessions, and lots of meetings for the many people who put the Summit together. Monday evening, on the other hand, was devoted to networking and relaxing, with the PASS Welcome Reception and Quiz Bowl, the insider party sponsored by, and many other informal parties and get-togethers.

I spent most of the day attending Microsoft Customer Insider sessions, learning more about StreamInsight, Gemini (now known as Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel 2010), and Madison.

Immediately following these sessions, I attended the PASS Speaker’s Meeting, where PASS speakers learn about the logistics of being a PASS presenter.


Volunteer PASS Speakers learn about the logistics of the event.

Shortly after than meeting, the PASS Welcome Reception began, along with the Quiz Bowl. The Welcome Reception served food and drinks, and was a great opportunity for networking. The Quiz Bowl, which occurs during the Welcome Reception, is a regular PASS event where six volunteers put their SQL Server knowledge to the test in front of hundreds of people (for the audience’s fun and entertainment). The event was hosted by Tim Ford, and operated, behind the scenes, by Louis Davidson. Contestants this year included Kimberly Tripp, Paul Randal, Brent Ozar, Kevin Kline, Joe Webb, and Grant Fritchey. (See photo below.)


After the Welcome Reception, held its own insider party, where attendees got to attend a casino night and win lots of prizes. In addition, the Exceptional DBA of the Year Award was given to Josef Richberg, during a brief ceremony.


Attendees at the party.

After a long day, I headed back to my hotel to get rested for Tuesday, the official starting day of the 2009 PASS Community Summit.