Thursday at the PASS Community Summit

The last full day of the 2009 PASS Community Summit was the first day I have had at the conference to attend sessions all day long. My day started with two keynotes. After the obligatory vendor keynote, Dr. David DeWitt presented a keynote on future trends in data and storage technology in SQL Server, which was well-received by the audience.  See Steve Jones’ blog for more information on the keynote.

After the keynote, I attended these sessions:

  • Capturing and Analyzing File & Wait Stats by Andrew Kelly
  • Troubleshooting Applications Accessing SQL Server by Microsoft CSS Experts
  • Solid State Disks and SQL 2008: High Availability and Performance by Jamon Bowen
  • Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics by Gail Shaw

While I have been attended anywhere from 3 to 6 conferences for the past 4 years, I always find out something in a session that I never knew before. I like to select sessions on topics I know (always looking for some new tidbit), sessions on topics that are completely new to me, or sessions from people I know, like Andrew Kelly and Gail Shaw.

After the day was over, I attended the Friends of Red Gate Software Dinner with about 45 people, including many SQL Server MVPs, and many people who write for and

I was unable to stay for the post-con sessions because I had to attend a Red Gate Publishing Department meeting Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, I will be flying to Las Vegas to make three presentations at SQL Server Connections.