Free eBook on SQL Server Maintenance Plans Now Available

BRAD_MAINTENENCE_PLANS_135My new eBook, Brad’ Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans is now available as a free, 269 page PDF eBook. The book is designed for part-time or novice DBAs who want to learn how to properly create Maintenance Plans using the tools that come with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in SQL Server 2005/2008.

These two tools include:

  • Maintenance Plan Wizard – a Wizard that steps the user through the process of setting up basic Maintenance Plans, with limited options.
  • Maintenance Plan Designer – a drag-and-drop GUI interface in SSMS that facilitates the design and creation of more flexible, customizable maintenance plans.

Unfortunately, neither tool is especially easy to use or well documented. However, with the guidance I provide in this book, they can become powerful tools in helping the novice DBA to perform critical maintenance tasks, and so help to ensure SQL Server’s performance and availability. In addition to learning how to use these tools you will, along the way, pick up a lot of good, general advice on SQL Server database maintenance. I also tell you when not to use these tools, as there are many cases when it is more appropriate to use T-SQL or PowerShell scripts to perform database maintenance.

If you get a chance to read the book, please post your feedback here. While I spent a lot of time trying to include as much content as I could, I realize that I did not cover every possible way to use these tools, nor cover how they should be used under every possible SQL Server environment.

A paperback version of the book should become available at within the 60 days.

PS: If you haven’t read my blog on A Time and Place for the SQL Server Maintenance Plan Wizard, please do so. It explains why I decided to write this book.

8 thoughts on “Free eBook on SQL Server Maintenance Plans Now Available

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  2. Great effort and contribution to MS-SQL soceity. Just to highlight, the bookmarks in PDF document (Brad’ Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans ) not navigating properly. Please correct it and park again in download location. Thanks

  3. I meant that the bookmarks defined in PDF document (Brad’ Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans ) not working in Adobe reader.
    For example, if you click the bookmark “Chapter 5: Check Database Integrity Task” in left hand side of adobe reader, It goes to book title page, not showing exact page.
    This is applicable to all bookmarks from “Chapter 1: Why is Database Maintenance Important?” to “Chapter 19: Create and Modify Maintenance Plans Using the Designer”.

  4. Rajaraman, thanks for the explanation. I’ll forward this feedback to the book’s publisher and see if they can fix it.

  5. Hello Brad,

    I am having issues with the pdf as well.

    Downloaded and extracted file try to open I get the following error.
    Not supported file type or damaged

    Would really, really like to see this book. I am setting up a maintenance plan right now.

    Thanks Brad Nagel

  6. The problem with the PDF bookmarks has been fixed. On the other hand, when they put this fixed PDF file back on the download site, it got corrupted. Hopefully the corruption problem will be fixed soon (no later than February 4, 2010). If you can’t download a proper file before February 4, use the contact form to let me know, and I will e-mail you a copy of the book. The book is 7MB, so be sure your e-mail account can accept such a large file.

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