Missing European PASS (Updated)

As most of you know, the Icelandic volcano has played havoc with travel plans for speakers coming from the US to speak at European PASS, and many of us will not be able to attend in person, including myself. Fortunately, I have found someone to take over my presentations for me. His name is Bodo Michael Danitz, an experienced SQL Server DBA and Microsoft Certified Trainer.

The two sessions he will be doing for me include: “Essential DBA Skills: Best Practices Every& SQL Server DBA Must Know” and “How to Analyze Performance Monitor Data Using PAL”. I have been working with Bodo to get him up to speed with my presentations, and I am sure he will do a great job. Although I won’t be at European PASS in person, at least I will be there in spirit.

If you attend these sessions, he will be giving out a limited number of free, signed paperback editions of several of my books. You can only get these books if you attend his sessions.

One thought on “Missing European PASS (Updated)

  1. Brad:
    I am sorry to hear that and i know they will miss your presence and your great presentation in person.

    Thank you.

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