Besides Being a DBA, Do You Also Happen to be an Exchange Administrator?

I know a lot of DBAs fall into the category of part-time DBAs, because they work in small IT shops and they often have to wear many hats. I have actually never shared this secret before, but I was an Exchange Administrator before became becoming a full-time DBA, back in the old days when Exchange was the new kid on the block. In fact, I cut my teeth on the old Microsoft Mail (a memory I do my best to block).

If you happen to be an Exchange Administrator, besides being a part-time DBA, I want to share with you a couple of free eBooks that you might be interested in. If you are a full time DBA, these books won’t interest you, but perhaps you know of an Exchange Administrator who might find these books useful.

The SysAdmin Handbook

The first book is called The SysAdmin Handbook: The Best of Simple Talk. This 519 page book is an eclectic collection of articles originally available on the website, and focuses on articles of interest to Exchange Administrators, especially those who are still using Exchange 2007. In addition, it covers such diverse topics as the Windows 2008 operating system, Active Directory, clustering, virtualization, PowerShell, unified messaging, change management, and professional development.


Exchange 2010-A Practical Approach

The second book is Exchange 2010—A Practical Approach, by Jaap Wesselius. This 188 page book is a tutorial on how to install and manage Exchange 2010. Rather than taking a textbook approach to teaching Exchange, the author focuses on real-world scenarios, taking a very practical approach to the problems every Exchange Administrator runs faces.

To download either free eBook, click on the links above.