Test Cluster Delivered & Ready to Assemble


I finally received all the components of my SQL Server test cluster (pictured left), which includes:

–One PowerVault MD3000 DAS with two, dual-port controllers, and 15 146GB 15K SAS drives.

–Two identical Dell T610 Towers, each with a single, 6-core CPU (Intel Xeon X5670, 2.93 Ghz, 12M Cache, HT, 1333MHz FSB); 32GB 1333MHz RAM; a PERC H700 RAID controller; two 146GB 15K SAS Drives; one HBA (to connect to the DAS); and dual network connections.

Before I start assembling the hardware and installing the operating system, I am first setting up an older Dell tower computer I have as a domain controller. In addition, I am configuring a wireless bridge to my wireless network, as the location of my test system is not located near a convenient network connection. Once I have the domain controller and wireless bridge configured and working, then I will begin assembling and configuring the new hardware.

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  2. Nitin, the PowerVault MD3000 will become the shared data drive for the cluster, once it is configured. The MD3000 will be connected to each T610 via a HBA (host buss adapter).

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