Are You a Full-Time or Part-Time DBA?


I’m always trying to find out about the DBAs who visit my blog, as it helps me to better understand them, which helps me to better target the blog posts I write. While I use Google Analytics to help me find out more about my audience (such as how often they visit or what countries they are from), I also run regular polls to find out even more information.

In my latest poll, I wanted to find out how many of my blogs visitors were part-time or full-time DBAs (administrators or developers). I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and in fact, I am a little surprised that about 80% of my blog’s visitors consider themselves full-time DBAs. The reason I am surprised is because when I make presentations at user groups or at free training events, generally less than half of the attendees are full-time DBAs. On the other hand, when I speak at paid conferences, such as PASS or SQL Server Connections, the majority of attendees are full-time DBAs, although they rarely exceed 75% of the audience.

Given these results, it looks like I need to change the slant of my posts a little bit more to better meet the needs of full-time DBAs, as in the past, much of my blog content was targeted more towards part-time (and novice) DBAs. So what do you think? Should I target my blog posts more towards full-time DBAs (who I assume are more experienced and would want more advanced technical content) or part-time DBAs (who I assume are less experienced and would want more introductory content)? Give me your opinion so I can create the most appropriate content. If fact, if you would like me to cover any specific topics, please tell me.

If you didn’t get a chance to respond to this poll, you still can by clicking here. I’ll continue to watch the results and see how they turn out.

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