Two Blog Series You Don’t Want to Miss


Blogs are a great way to learn new things about SQL Server, and just in case you have missed them, I want to recommend the following two blog series that I feel every DBA should read.

The first blog series is from Glen Berry, and is called the April 2010 DMV a Day Series. It covers 30 of the most commonly used SQL Server DMVs. Not only do the blog posts explain what each DMV is used for, each post includes sample code to make it easier to extract the useful information. When you go to the web page above, you will need to select the link to the left of the DMV’s name (e.g. A DMV a Day – Day 1) to read the blog post. If you select the DMV name itself, it will just bring you to the Microsoft MSDN site where each of the columns in the DMVs are described.

Paul Randal

The second blog series I recommend is from Paul Randal, and is called A SQL Server DBA Myth a Day. This 30 part series dispels many common (and uncommon) DBA myths. The myths cover a wide range of topics, and you need to take the time to read each one carefully. When you visit the web page above, you will find the myth blog posts are located on the page in reverse order. So you will need to read the first myth, then scroll up to read the second, and so on, until you read them all. There are also some additional blog posts on this page that have to deal with DBA misconceptions, which you will probably want to read as well.

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