DBA in Space: Behind the Scenes—Question 6

This is a continuation of my DBA in Space journal.

Episode six is filmed at the “Visions of the Future Exhibit” at the Roddenberry Launch center, and it is time for another question for the DBA in Space Competition, so Miss Friday and alien Brad are ready to offer up the question. As you may notice in this scene, alien Brad seems to be a little more comfortable in its new skin (which also seems to be turning a little green) and is learning how to speak a little better. On the other hand, he still doesn’t have any street smarts, not quite realizing that his job of pretending to be the real Brad is not really working out all that well. On the other hand, Miss Friday is still clueless as to why Brad is acting so odd. She still hasn’t made the connection that Brad is really alien Brad.

Nell Mooney and Brad McGehee in DBA in Space.

Notice the pretend ray-gun above. It is used in the thirteenth episode by Miss Friday to try and shoot alien Brad as he transports away.

Alien Brad begins the scene by welcoming the audience back to the DBA in Space Competition, although its speaking skills are still not so great. Then Miss Friday makes a little joke about robot pals, and then alien Brad shares the non-politically correct fact that it had slaves. Miss Friday is offended by this remark, but alien Brad is clueless, and takes whatever Miss Friday says as literal. When Miss Friday asks alien Brad if he wants a drink of water, alien Brad laps up the water like a dog. Miss Friday ignores Alien Brads odd behavior, again, and proceeds to ask this episode’s question, which by coincidence, is naming one of the first dogs in space.

I hope the glass the prop people gave me was clean. I never asked.

Now that Alien Brad is speaking better English, now I have to go back to remembering lines again. Fortunately, there were not a lot of lines, and even if I messed them up, it would be hard for the audience to know if I was making a mistake or not. The hardest part of this scene was trying not to laugh as I was lapping out of the cup of water. We did a lot of takes for this scene, wide angles and close-up’s, so I did a lot of lapping, to the point where my tongue got tired. The crew on the set were also laughing, which made it even harder for me to keep a straight face. Nell, of course, kept her straight face, and as usual, did a great job.

For a couple of the takes, I think Will, the director, intentionally left my lapping up water longer than needed for the scene, just because he thought it was funny. In fact, a little later after filming, Will commented to me that this was one of his favorite scenes.


In the next installment, I talk about episode seven.