DBA in Space Spoof Interview and Review

imageIf you are a DBA in Space fan, and in case you missed them, there have been two items published on Simple-Talk.com that you may be interested in reading.

The first is “Stars of the DBA in Space Webisodes Revealed”. This is a spoof interview where Miss Friday and I are interviewed by Bob Cramblitt, and we respond as our characters in DBA in Space. While Bob asked the questions, Nell Mooney (Miss Friday) and I provided the actual answers. As you read my responses, try to figure out which information I share is real, and which is fake. You might have a hard time figuring out which is which.

The other item is called “The DBA in Space Videos: A Film Critic Writes”, which is written under the pseudonym “Hugh Bin-Haad”. I won’t tell you who Hugh Bin-Haad is, but if you read Simple-Talk a lot, you will figure it out. While Hugh Bin-Haad put a lot of effort in analyzing the webisodes, I kind of think he missed the underlying symbolism the webisodes actually portrayed.

Both of these are fun pieces to read if you have some extra time to kill.