Thursday at the PASS Community Summit

The last full day of the 2009 PASS Community Summit was the first day I have had at the conference to attend sessions all day long. My day started with two keynotes. After the obligatory vendor keynote, Dr. David DeWitt presented a keynote on future trends in data and storage technology in SQL Server, which was well-received by the audience.  See Steve Jones’ blog for more information on the keynote.

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Wednesday at the PASS Community Summit

The second day of the full PASS Summit was packed with sessions. If fact, it was hard to select from the 56 sessions that were available.

The day started with the Rushabh Mehta announcing the 2009 PASSion Awards, an annual award given by PASS to those volunteers that have given a lot of their time volunteering. This year, two awards were made. For the North American award, it was given to Allen Kinsel , who gave a lot of time volunteering for the PASS Program Committee.

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Tuesday at the PASS Community Summit

Today was the first official day of the full (3-day) conference, with about 2,200 full conference attendees. Officially, PASS claims there are 2,998 registrations from 46 countries, but that number includes pre- and post-con attendees (who are also attending the full conference), plus Microsoft employees.

As you might expect, the Seattle Convention Center was packed with DBAs all wearing their orange and brown lanyards with their attendee badge, many carrying bags of swag they picked up from the various vendors attending the conference.

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Monday at the 2009 PASS Community Summit

Monday at the 2009 PASS Community Summit, for the most part, was reserved for pre-conference sessions, Microsoft Customer Insider sessions, and lots of meetings for the many people who put the Summit together. Monday evening, on the other hand, was devoted to networking and relaxing, with the PASS Welcome Reception and Quiz Bowl, the insider party sponsored by, and many other informal parties and get-togethers.

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2009 PASS Community Summit Registration Starts Out Strong

Registration for the 2009 PASS Community Summit started out strong with many attendees registering early the Sunday evening before the Summit’s commencement. What really surprised me was seeing so many familiar faces so soon. Lots of attendees were already catching up with each other and networking, even before the event officially starts. In fact, I had to turn down several dinner invitations because I couldn’t be at the same place at the same time. I have a feeling that this entire week will be more of the same: too much to do, and too little time. Below are a few snapshots of some of the attendees I saw when I registered.


Attendees are greeted with colorful signs as they enter the 4th floor of the Seattle Convention Center.

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